Ethical Hacking for Computer Security Modules

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Year 1 Modules

CM0429 Relational Databases (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0156 Network Technology 1 (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0402 Programming Fundamentals with Robots (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0403 Introduction to Ethical Hacking (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0406 Operating Systems Fundamentals (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0407 Web Technologies (CORE, 20 Credits)

Year 2 Modules

CM0513 Dynamic Internet Technologies (CORE, 20 Credits)

CM0547 Professionalism and Project Management (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0256 Network Technology 2 (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0273 Programming in C (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0561 Principles of Ethical Hacking (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0578 Advanced Operating Systems (CORE, 20 Credits)

Year 3 Modules

EE0500 Professional Placement (Engineering and Environment) (CORE, 40 Credits)

Year 4 Modules

CM0645 Individual Project (CORE, 40 Credits)

EN0308 Network Technology 3 (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0365 Ethical Hacking for Network Security (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0615 Advanced Digital Security (CORE, 20 Credits)

EN0616 Security for Web Applications (CORE, 20 Credits)

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